Dr. Swampy’s Trip to Guatemala

A book by Dr. Ulrike Blatz.
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A mouse hill tribe in Guatemala is in desperate need of help. Many of the mice got sick from eating poisonous fruit. In search for help Julio comes across Dr. Swampy, a tiny little man who lives in the swamps of Louisiana. Dr. Swampy is experienced in healing even the strangest diseases. The only problem is that he has never travelled in his entire life. Does he have the courage to make it to Guatemala and save the sick mice? Beautifully illustrated by the author „Dr. Swampy’s Trip to Guatemala“ is a wonderful Children's Book beloved by young children and anyone who enjoys going on adventures. All of the illustrations are done with watercolours and Blatz`s pictures really evokes the colourfulness as well as the mysteriousness of the swamps close to the Mississippi Delta.“
AutorDr. Ulrike Blatz
Autor InfoUlrike Blatz was born in Freiburg (Germany). She studied at the Department of Dentistry of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg where she received her doctor's degree and worked as a dentist. In 2000 she moved with her husband to the United States and had lived for many years in New Orleans. Today she lives with her family and four kids at the east coast of the United States near Philadelphia.
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